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These spy cameras are specifically designed for camouflage and can quickly adapt to any environment. The best feature of our durable and professional hidden security cameras is its ability to be unseen during normal operation. Perfect for covert monitoring while providing the added assurance of safety without detection.

Spy cameras are perfect for keeping an eye on a nanny who may be up to good, or keeping close watch on your teenage kids. There are many great uses for a spy camera. Spy cameras can also be used in an office setting if you suspect that an employee is stealing or misbehaving.

Most of the spy cameras that we offer come disguised as small household appliances such smoke detectors and alarm clocks. These are extremely unsuspecting and are almost guaranteed not to be discovered by someone. Our high quality spy cameras are some of the best on the market.

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Camera power supply and cables are required, not included. If you have any question or need help customizing your purchase, please call us at 866-756-2288 today to get started building your CCTV system!

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Motion Detector Spy Camera Color Pinhole Hidden Security Camera
Sale Price:$25.95
Sale Price:$25.95
Spy Hidden Covert CCTV Security Camera CL-108P - 420 Lines Sony CCD Surveillance Camera
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