DVR Buying Guide
DVR Buying Guide

DVR Buying Guide

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a device that is used to record images and videos for viewing later. The functionality of these recorders is very similar to that of VCRs but unlike VCRs, DVRs digitally record the data on a hard drive or memory card. Many DVRs also come with the DVR viewer software that allows you to view surveillance video remotely, over a standard internet connection. Due to their advance features like better image quality, more recording space and great functionality, these recorders have replaced VCR-type devices to a very large extent.

Advantages of using DVRs over VCRs

Increased Memory: DVRs digitally record data on to a hard drive or memory card, and thus do not require video tapes. You can later burn the data on DVDs and free up space in DVR.

Features motion detection : DVRs are equipped with a motion detection feature, which starts recording as soon as it senses any action or movement. This can be highly useful in saving memory space in the device as it will record only when it senses anyone in its field of vision.

Scheduled Recordings:. These recorders contain an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) that helps the users to schedule recordings according to their convenience. This feature can help the users in recording footage a particular time as per their requirement.

Better Image Quality: DVRs use compression technology to provide better image quality, and more recording space. You can also zoom in on the images to get a detail of the footage captured.

Things to be considered while buying a DVR

DVRs are available in various makes and models but the selection of the DVR highly depends upon your requirement or application. Following are some of the guidelines which should be considered before buying a suitable DVR:

Determine your need and purpose: Before buying a DVR, you must determine your need and purpose. Digital video recorders used for entertainment purpose have different features from those used for surveillance purpose, so analyze your requirement before investing.

Buy according to the recording time and space: Before buying a DVR, its good to analyze your recording space and time. The recording space of DVRs ranges from 80 to 300 hours. If a digital video recorder has the space or memory of one gigabyte then it will allow one hour programming.

Buy according to your budget and recording capacity: DVRs come in various price ranges and the price of a DVR depends upon the recording capacity it offers. If you have a limited budget and need DVRs to record TV shows then go for a basic model with the recording capacity of 40-80 hours but if you want a recorder that allows 24x7 surveillance and the price doesnt matter, then a high capacity recorder with recording space of 200 hours will be best.

Buy according to the display options: The different types of DVRs offer different display options. The various display options are sequence, freeze, zoom, picture in picture, and full mode. The zoom option, full mode and sequence options are beneficial in DVR for monitoring large surveillance areas. Freeze and sequence in sequence are useful for viewing television program.

Determine whether you want CD-RW drive: Digital video recorders are available in the market with or without CD-RW drive. DVRs with CD-RW drive help in retransferring the recordings on CD for archiving, reviewing, prosecution purposes or training purposes.

Determine whether you want remote control and jog shuttle control: Depending upon your requirement, determine whether you want a DVR with or without remote and jog shuttle control. For easy rewind, easy forward and easy viewing, you should select a DVR model with remote and jog shuttle control.

Determine whether you want password protection feature: Based upon your requirement, determine whether you want password protection or not. If you want to prevent your DVR from unauthorized access then you should select a DVR with password protection feature.

Ensure that the store is offering technical/customer support: It is very important to ensure that the store or shop from which you are buying a DVR offers technical/customer support. This will help you in solving your problems or queries.

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